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5o Ave Sur, Entre 7 Y 11 #781

Colonia Adolfo Lopez Mateos

Cozumel, Mexico 77660

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Cozumel Wedding Planner Reviews & Testimonials

Kelli Rhuems Parsons

This is a first class operation. Fiona Lomax is top notch wedding planner from the start to the finish, everything was perfect for our daughters wedding. Thank you so much for making our and her day PERFECT. The Resort was very accommodating as soon as we arrived on the resort. The food and Wedding cake was outstanding. Thank you again from the Parsons / Cheney Wedding !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jasiana Jaxen

Fiona is an exceptional event planner in Cozumel. Offers always the best service, cost and most important makes her clients dreams come true. Highly recommend her.

Fiona does an over the top job! She exceeded all of my expectations and made our wedding so very special. I felt like a princess and the weather and decor was perfect. Fiona is the best at what she does!!

Kristin Sansonetti

Fiona did a wonderful job planning every detail! My husband and I got married Oct 2013. I was not your typical bride and didn't want to be bothered with wedding details so Fiona took care of everything. Basically I just had to be dressed and show up! However, if I had an idea she was very open to them. She was very easy to work and made the process headache free!! Thank you Fiona for a very special day!

Taylor N Ashli Mungia

Fiona did a fantastic job planning and facilitating our wedding in 2015! It was a dream come true! If you need a wedding planner go with Fiona! Our Caribbean Wedding was fantastic.

Holly Shearer

Had everything set up exactly as I imagined all we had to do was arrive for our beautiful beach wedding. Highly recommend Fiona. She even went above and beyond to come to the hospital and sit with me and bring me supplies and food when my husband was hurt later in the day and she found out. I had never met her prior to that day

Brent-Mistie Fry

We would highly recommend Fiona for your wedding accommodations she was the best and made sure everything was perfect for our wedding

Elizabeth Kendrick

8 years ago I wanted a small destination wedding. Packed my bags and 4 days later married. Fiona is wonderful, down to earth and takes care or everything. She acted as my translator, planner, photographer for a very special day. Will forever hold a special place for Cozumel. Her work on larger weddings are exemplary!

Dawn Olivares

We worked with Fiona for our wedding over 16 years ago, and it was the BEST WEDDING EVER! She did such a fabulous job incorporating the things my mother-in-law absolutely HAD to have, accommodated every request, and handled all the little details to make this a fun wedding for all our friends and family! I was not a very picky bride, I just wanted to have get married and have a fun time! Fiona took care of everything! On top of that, it rained the entire weekend except for the few hours of our wedding (which we give credit to Fiona for too! ha!). It was honest to goodness, a NO STRESS wedding, and we had the GREATEST time! I hope my own children one day will choose a wedding like ours because it really can't be beat! Whenever I think about our wedding and about how great Fiona made it, I just get happy!

Ashleigh Childress Goldgar

Dream wedding! Thanks to Fiona, our Cozumel beach wedding was exactly what we envisioned! We highly recommend her!

Angela Fegley Cramer

Fiona is absolutely amazing! She made sure to take care of all the small details that I never thought of in my excitement! All I had to do was show up in Cozumel with my wedding dress! My wedding was back in 1999 and loved Fiona so much we've stayed in touch all these years!